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He is best known for stealing the Palladium from within side the city of Troy. Another important point that provides evidence that Odysseus was a hero is the mere fact that his journey ends at his home in Ithaca where he is able to Ancient hero essay peace on the island of Athena.

The Odyssey never explicitly states that Odysseus is a hero, but does infer this role when he encounters Hercules in the Underworld. Stories, for the first time, where about people instead of just the mysterious and powerful gods.

Achilles was one of the heroes the Iliad, which is set in the last year of the Trojan War. He was a complex character motivated and haunted with his grief of the loss of Patroclus. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

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Is Odysseus the Ideal Greek Hero? Ancient Greek heroes characterize traits of strength, ability, resourcefulness, honor and pride. A hero is defined in Greek mythology as a person of divine ancestry who has courage, strength and is celebrated by both the gods and people.

It was at that point Achilles exhibited honor and pride and was able to face the risk of death. Heroes in ancient times where important because they where the first mortal humans portrayed in stories.

The Palladium was a statue of Athena. Achilles had great courage, strength and ability. Achilles, the tragic hero, life was end shortly thereafter in battle. Achilles is portrayed as the paradigmatic hero.

They each have strength, both physical and mental. Odysseus, the king of Ithaca, is a key example of the traits that were expected from a hero. The Iliad is set during the Trojan War and the many battles that were fought between heroes on both sides.

He distinguished himself as an undefeatable warrior. To me it is apparent that Homer intended Odysseus to be a hero, why else would Homer of set up the situations of the long journey home in which Odysseus had numerous perils.

The heroes face a barrage of arrows with out flinching and are merciless enough to kill many men with out regret.

In this sense, Odysseus was a spiritual and physical hero. He portrayed these qualities in the Trojan War and the fight against the Cyclops.

The poems are full of battles, peril and adventures that allow the heroic characters be courageous. Like many of the other Greek heroes, Diomedes did have gods on his side showing him favor.

During a battle against Hector and the Trojans, Diomedes throws a spear at the war-god Ares.

These actions depict Odysseus as a spiritual hero. The heroic characters battle for love, duty, and to protect there homes and families. They have great pride in themselves and their cause or mission.

Achilles was a great warrior, but really did not become a true hero until he set out to avenge the death of his friend Patroclus.

The emotional journey of Achilles reaches a climax and at that point, his true heroic character was apparent.

Patroclus had been pretending to be Achilles when he battling Hector. Diomedes also assisted Odysseus with espionage missions and was inside the Trojan horse. Each uniquely portrays these qualities in battle and through human suffering.

This action showed that Diomedes was fearless and would even fight against the gods. Each of these character exhibited qualities of the Greek hero. Other heroic qualities that Odysseus possessed were resourcefulness and cleverness. Also during his journey, back to Ithaca, he embraces his own mortality, which gave him strength to defy immortally twice, and with stand every difficulty he encountered.

The thing that keeps him alive is the vision of his wife and son waiting for his return home.Heroes in ancient times where important because they where the first mortal humans portrayed in stories.

Homer's poems show change in the central theme of literature in that time. Stories, for the first time, where about people instead of just the mysterious and powerful gods.

It does not put culture and nature into conflict, or try to submits one to another, but “the nature of observed phenomena – hero/character changes with corresponding changes in the apparatus – nature/society,“ as our heroes changed in two observing period, they remained to be heroes, only that Robinson Crusoe is now called a character instead of a hero, but the essence is the same.

Ancient hero movies are characterized by extraordinary births, the impossible task, opposition to enemies, and the presence of formidable enemies. Some of th. Throughout the book many of his adventures and exploits leave many of the others feeling as if he were a hero.

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The journey he takes part in is ones that make me feel he's living a hero's journey. Harry was born with many special talents and abilities. The following paragraphs I state my views and how Harry fits the hero archetype and journey.

The story follows the same motifs that are followed by other hero stories. These motifs include the background of the hero, the heroic tasks accomplished by the hero, his love life and his downfall due to his own mistakes. In ancient Greece, heroes were people who demonstrated great strength and tremendous courage in battle.

Greek heroes possessed honor, strength, and courage that earned them respect in the community.

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In the Iliad, Homer tells the story of two warriors, Achilles and .

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