Asteroid research paper

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Asteroid Mining

If the asteroid is moving at a constant speed in its orbit, does this also mean it is moving at a constant velocity? It is well written, has deep implications, provokes thought and will likely to be worth reading again in several decades.

Ceres is believed to be the biggest asteroid that was in space at one point in time.

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Our current understanding of asteroid composition confirms they are a likely source of many critical elements, such as the platinum group elements. Would its potential energy change? This gets very difficult because it takes 10 to 30 years of notice to track an asteroid on its way towards Earth.

If you need a custom essay on Astronomy: Because of the danger asteroids pose NASA funded a program called space watch to try and track asteroids close to Earth. Platinum-rich asteroids may contain grades of up to grams per ton, times higher than open pit platinum mines in South Africa Sonter, Sometimes these pieces just happen to get aligned with Earth.

Ceres was the first asteroid discovered and was found in At present, only one company, Planetary Resources, is conducting research into the technologies and strategies necessary to make asteroid mining economical.

Other sources of strategic elements may be discovered and alternative technologies may reduce demand before asteroid mining becomes a reliable source of strategic elements.

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The research will affect how and when scientists measure, predict, or consider modifying the asteroid’s motion. The paper was accepted for publication in the science journal Icarus and was presented at the AAS/DPS conference in Orlando, Florida Asteroid research paper October of Research Papers on Asteroids Asteroids research papers discuss the difference between actual planets and asteroids - relative size.

Research papers on asteroids will often address their threat to the earth and their relationship to the earth. Asteroid Research Paper Objectives • Students will conduct research on a given topic • Students will compose a research paper on the given topic • Students will use proper writing techniques to compose the research paper • Students will present their research paper to a given audience • Students will create a PowerPoint presentation to accompany their.

At present, asteroid mining is a highly speculative technique; the research and technology to successfully exploit these mineral resources is still under development. Challenges include categorization and identification of mineable deposits, building the infrastructure to mine and refine asteroid material, and creating the ability to move mined.

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Asteroid research paper
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