Becel margarine case study

Hire Writer Mothers are usually the ones who are shopping for the family, and are usually the ones who decide what products to buy.

Margarine has always been considered a cheaper alternative to butter. Rapidly changing demographic landscape of Canadian consumer and households. A threat is that Bezel was doing well when they were marketing older audiences. This may result in the higher income buyers Changing to a more premium status brand.

By associating healthy seniors with a time in life in which is traditionally one ravaged by deterioration and illness, a positive brand message can be reinforced to consumers wishing to purchase the brand. If you were to target mothers you would in turn be supplying for entire families.

The only threat is that other brands could also decrease their price in attempt to compete with Bezel. Secondary Problem- Increase of competitors in their target market.

Becel® Original Margarine

Becel can continue drumming home the message of active, fit outgoing seniors enjoying life to its fullest while enjoying a heart healthy diet, including the consumption of Becel.

The strengths for this alternative are you would expand your target market and create a larger consumer base. Certain ingredients like omegas and olive oil are approved to be used in the making of margarine.

Ere margarine category has many tight food regulations. These margarine could offer the same benefits, but the ingredients are cheaper so it could be sold at a better price. It however gives you an opportunity to sell more margarine and target a greater audience. The strengths to this alternative are you could gain a competitive price advantage over other health margarine.

This limits the potential for Bezel and other margarine brands to have innovation. Health professions are also starting to favor recommending olive oil over margarine. New communications technology such as Internet also helps company develop more integrated marketing communications.

Secondary Alternatives- Immediate Problem- Margarine has tight food regulations which limit innovation.

Becel Margarine Case Study

Mothers may not be interested and the ad campaigns may not be successful. The current strategic objectives and goals of the margarine giant Becel are to: Bezel stated any advertising budget would have to support the margarine as well as the newly launched line of cooking oil and exposable dressing.

With this alternative you could also create Joint advertising with Bezel margarine, and excel oils. Among some of the weaknesses of Bezel are lack of a strong presence in Western Canada, not positioned as great tasting, and a low advertising awareness.

Deliver strong short and long-term growth Sustain and consolidate current record market share Deliver a brand that helps consumers meet their health heart needs However, in order to achieve its strategic aims the firm must consider the following overriding factors: New competitors are now using similar positioning at a price point below the premium price level of Bezel.

Analysis of the Situation 2. In customer surveys, the price was the biggest reason people buy margarine over butter. Becel Margarine and other term papers or research documents. A weakness is Bezel could possibly be losing their senior audience. However marketing intelligence shows that although a significant portion of the volume of margarine purchased is by people with large families, particularly with four or five members and who tend to have lower than average incomes.

Limited growth potential in a thoroughly competitive marketing environment. The Insaneness are you are losing possible money by decreasing the value of the product, and you are losing the prestige. Becel Margarine Becel Margarine: The creation of Becel Light and Becel Salt Free demonstrate the ability of the firm to create highly sophisticated margarine products which can help consumers adhere to sodium restricted diets and reduce saturated fats.

Lipton Foods, a division of Unilever Canada in decided to launch a healthy and credible alternative spread for consumers wishing to consume a margarine spread which looked after the needs of their heart.

Ere second alternative is for Bezel to decrease the price of their margarine. A pound of margarine is almost a dollar cheaper than the price of general butter already.Margarine is essentially an everyday convenience product and despite Becel charging a considerable premium for its products, consumer interest in healthy products is fueling formidable volume and dollar growth in the market.

Mothers are usually the ones who are shopping for the family, and are usually the ones who decide what products to buy. If you were to target mothers you would in turn be supplying for entire families. Becel Margarine Case Study Primary Problem- The Becel brand growth rate is decreasing.

Primary Alternatives- 1. Becel could change their target marketing audience to include a broader market share (I think we should do this one) 2. Becel could decrease their price of margarine 3.

Becel Margarine Case Analysis I. Executive Summary Becel needs to adjust their promotional efforts to address both a heart healthy and great tasting product, while expanding their target market to the twenty-five and above demographic.

Demographic trends The demographics of people who use margarine and Becel in particular, are disproportionately weighed towards affluent and senior households.

Marketing Case Study: Becel Margarine

Becel® Original margarine does not have artificial preservatives, colours and flavours. It is low in saturated fat and has no trans-fat/5().

Becel margarine case study
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