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All recent Caltech undergraduates have scored or above on the math SAT, and far from being a bunch of inarticulate science and math geeks, the vast majority have scored over on the English verbal SAT as well. The combination of these three factors has caltech supplemental essays for college to a recruited-athlete population on many campuses today that is much larger in both absolute and relative terms than its counterpart 40 or 50 years ago and much more removed in terms of academic talent from the rest of the campus.

In more recent times its undergraduate alumni have gone on to be founders or co-founders of such leading-edge American companies as Intel, TRW, Compaq, and Exploratorium. The surge in the number of recruited athletes in recent years has been spurred by three factors: Only 4 percent of the U.

Legacy admits, though given significant preference over non-legacies, are usually held to a somewhat higher academic standard than that of recruited athletes or affirmative action admits, unless their parents are big-bucks donors, in which case they receive substantially greater indulgence.

But however difficult it may be to determine, every academic field has its excellence, and the difficulty of precisely measuring excellence in a given field is surely no reason to avoid pursuing it as a goal.

At Harvard and Princeton, by contrast, the 25th percentile is reached by a score of only Applicants to Caltech are clearly seen as representing only themselves and their own individual merit and achievement, not their race or their ethnic group.

And if this means that academic merit and achievement are easier to assess in the science and technology fields than in the social sciences and humanities, there is surely some truth to that. Indeed, throughout its history Caltech has never been interested in reaching out in any special way to alumni children, and according to one estimate, less than 2 percent of its current undergraduate students have a parent who attended the university.

What this means is that at Caltech, there are no dumb jocks, dumb legacies, or dumb affirmative action students. Caltech routinely ranks among the top half dozen or so American universities in the annual U. A combined SAT score of the 99th percentile by national standards placed an entering Caltech freshman at only the 25th percentile among his fellow students.

Its uncompromising pursuit of talent and of those with a passion for scientific discovery is surely the main reason why such a small institution — only one fifth the size of institutions like MIT and Princeton in term of its student body and faculty — manages to produce world-class scientists and researchers in quality and number sufficient to gain for the university world-class standing.

Most Caltech matriculants have also taken numerous Advanced Placement courses in high school, and attained perfect scores on their AP exams.

It has little or no interest in your family heritage, your race, or your skill in slapping around a hockey puck. When one adds to the 15 percent of recruited athletes at many elite institutions, the equally large number of affirmative action admits, and throws in another percent of legacy students, one gets a sense of the substantial proportion of matriculants at these institutions who have been admitted under compromised academic standards.

The elite universities today, unlike their great German counterparts in the 19th century, are clearly not pursuing that excellence with the single-minded focus and commitment which it deserves.

Why Caltech Is in a Class by Itself

College Sports and Educational Values Princeton is hardly unique in its scramble to assemble competitive sports teams at the expense of academic standards.

Added to these 60s-era trends some of which have mercifully waned came two further developments which are still very much with us today and which moved the elite universities further away from the pursuit of excellence and merit which was their greatest achievement after the Second World War: But that ideal is surely worth pursuing.

The fact that 17 of its student alumni and 14 of its faculty have gone on to win Nobel Prizes, and six of its alumni have won the prestigious Turing Award in computer science, surely says something about the institution and what it stands for.

Caltech has shown to the rest of the world what can be achieved when an elite institution — even a very small one — focuses exclusively upon talent, creativity, and uncompromising academic standards.

News and World Report ratings, in terms of its general, per-student financial resource picture, Caltech stands ahead of all the Ivies. Minding the Campus readers probably need little instruction on the corrupting effects of the racial balancing game played by almost all our elite universities.

Toward a Pure Meritocracy Of the top two dozen or so elite universities in America only one has managed both to avoid the craziness of the posts intellectual fads, and to establish something pretty close to a pure meritocracy — California Institute of Technology, which has not received the general recognition among academics that it clearly deserves.

An entering Caltech freshman last year who received a on the math SAT would be exceeded in this area by three-quarters of his fellow entering freshmen.

Supplemental Application Essays

What a shame that our other elite institutions do not follow a similar path. Indeed, according to recent U. When you apply to Caltech the admissions committee is interested only in your intellectual merit and passion for learning. This compares with many other elite private colleges and universities where legacy students comprise as much as percent of each entering class at Notre Dame the figure is close to one-quarter.Find detailed breakdowns for the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) Supplemental Essay Prompts and get started on drafting!

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The Corruption of College Sports and to establish something pretty close to a pure meritocracy — California Institute of Technology, which has not received the general recognition among academics that it clearly deserves.

In his essay, “What Your Sons. How to Write the Caltech Application Essays August 10, | CollegeVine College Essay Team in College Essays, Essay Breakdown Join thousands of students and parents getting exclusive high school & college admissions content!

First-Year Application Requirements

The following is a list of materials required for a complete application for first-year admission. If your application is missing any one of these components, it will be considered incomplete. Common Application or the Coalition Application with the Supplemental Application Essays.

Learn how to write great supplemental college application essays for Brown, Caltech, Columbia, Cornell, NYU, & University of Pennsylvania.

Caltech supplemental essays for college
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