Capitalism sport and resistance

And if it is obvious that we ought to engage in them, it should be equally obvious that we should aim to push them beyond their formal limits. Zirin gives several examples of champion sportspersons, like Muhammad Ali and David Meggysey, boldly supporting the struggle for civil rights and opposing US aggression in Vietnam.

India won just three medals at the recent Beijing Olympics, though it did better than in the past. This prepares people to feel that since the chief executive officers and other entrepreneurs have reached the top through competition, he or she deserves all the wealth they are getting.

Actually, some of the machines if not handled properly can cause serious injury if not death. Its teaching material is replete with Sanskrit prayers, and a heavy emphasis on god and spirituality. Instead, the sports system is turning people into mere passive spectators and consumers; and players into sports celebrities endorsing brands like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Nike and Adidas.

Socialists who dismiss sport run the risk of discounting these Capitalism sport and resistance. My own recollections of sport as a child, for instance, is of the gap between the free floating, uncodified forms of football, rugby, cricket and cycling, etc we played on the now built over "reck", and the rigidly codified and hierarchical forms of these sports that were organised through school.

And just as wage labour was a product of the violent destruction of older forms of production, modern leisure time generally and sport more specifically grew out of the ruins of pre-capitalist forms of play.

Capitalism and sports

He was stripped of his title and a vicious campaign was launched against him as was done against several dissenters in the US. Whether you like it or not, either participating, watching or both, sport plays an incredibly important role in society today.

That is why players in their teens require frequent surgery and many have to retire early. Over time, sports have been integrated into a system to promote working class rivalries, competition and profit-making. The events that have become more of a corporate spectacle with sponsorships and advertisements all made possible by the taxpayers money to fund the infrastructure to hold the games.

Basic contradiction The fact is that competitive sports do not create a culture of physical fitness and health. Competitive sports generate belief in capitalist values. Exercise and play have to be a natural part of our lives like reading, talking or eating.

Campaigning against these events would make about as much sense as picketing your local church. The very society, which treated Thorpe so cruelly, is now turning sportspersons into superbrands, commodities to be traded.

Whereas the pre-capitalist peasantry experienced life as a total activity governed by nature and the seasons, emergent capitalism transformed these relations in ways that appeared to free leisure time from work while actually subordinating it in a new way.

Nevertheless, when these struggles arise we should throw ourselves into them, especially when, as Sue Caldwell notes in Capitalism and Sport, they are school-based struggles to make physical activity as playful, inclusive and egalitarian as possible.

But people are now reduced to Capitalism sport and resistance captive television audience, mere eyeballs to watch commercials of giant companies packaged with sports. The macho culture is continuously glamourised in the media with pictures of pumped-up bodies of stars like Shahrukh Khan.

The only way one can expect black athletes to protest today is by threatening to take away their lucrative corporate sponsorships, says Zirin.

Some have got compensation for the damage caused by state-sponsored doping but in the case of several athletes the records have been destroyed and there is little they can do. This tendency towards the negation of play is evident not only in the propensity for flair and brilliance to be sacrificed for consistency in percentages games, but also in the way that consistency informs the kind of systematic hard work over many years that slowly but surely ensures sport lends itself to ruining the health of many athletes in a process that is amplified by, but not qualitatively changed by, the use of performance enhancing drugs.

Risk averse By subordinating all means to the end of winning, sport tends, like capitalism, towards a risk averse negation of play. Alongside a shift from a life dominated by the rhythm of the seasons to one subjugated to the discipline of the factory, periods of leisure spent outside these new factories continued to be dominated by production within them.

But the truly great athlete of all time was Jim Thorpe — not in just one sport like swimming but in several events like long jump, high jump, metres and javelin, winning the gold medal in the decathlon and pentathlon in the Olympics in The Olympics originated from Athens where Greek citizens tested their strength, agility, endurance and mental ability, with minimal gear and equipment.

Children now spend more time on games on computer screens than outdoors. Whatever the godly intentions of these reformers, they effectively helped foster a capitalist work ethic among that minority of workers who came to play sports.

If the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Londonand the World Cup in Brazil prove nothing else, they confirm that sport and politics go together like a horse and carriage - and those who argue otherwise are at best illiterate or more likely ideological.

It is surely right that when most of us engage with sport it is as more or less passive consumers of a mass entertainment industry whose goal is to relieve us of our cash. But India, with all the talk about being an emerging superpower, has done worse than poor African and Caribbean countries.Accept.

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By closing this message, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Sport is woven into the very fabric of our lives and many aspects of life under contemporary capitalism feed into and underpin sport. from critiques of the horrendous physical and financial costs of sport to the role political resistance has played throughout its modern history.

We need to challenge capitalism to reclaim sports as a pursuit of pleasure and health instead of profit.

Sport: capitalism at play

Join the discussion From the Sochi Olympics to the NFL: Capitalism, Sports and Resistance, Sunday March 30 in west Toronto. Review: Michael Lavalette (Ed.), Capitalism and Sport: Politics, Protest, People and Play John Lyons Michael Lavalette (Ed.), Capitalism and Sport: Politics.

Sport: capitalism at play. Issue section: Feature. Issue: April about as much sense as picketing your local church. Marxists are atheists, not idiots, and, as Adrian Budd argues in Capitalism and Sport, our critique of sport ought to be as nuanced as is our critique of religion.

communities of resistance have nevertheless emerged. Sport Culture Lifestyle Show More News US news Elizabeth Warren's plan to fix capitalism and give more power to workers The Resistance Now is a weekly update on the people, action and.

Capitalism sport and resistance
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