Cover girl makeup analysis

The advertisement suggest that CoverGirl has come out with a new cosmetics product. It made perfect sense to use Rihanna because she is one of the faces for CoverGirl. The negative connotation society places upon such words like synthetic or processed appeals to our logos as we are convinced that we will using a more acceptable product in purchasing Naturluxe foundation.

The angelic and natural beauty shown within the advertisements for the CoverGirl campaign is what women are attracted to in these ads. The ad targets new readers as well as the usual readers. In all of the CoverGirl advertisements, women are smiling or presenting the audience with a very gentle and innocent look.

Their goal in trying to get women to invest in their multiple products is achieved through their skills in appealing to our logos, pathos, and ethos. With the amount of diversity that CoverGirl uses in their ads, the audience gains a sense of acceptance because the products are not targeted to one particular kind of woman.

CoverGirl Cosmetic Commercials

Magazines are displayed in hotel lobbies, libraries, book stores, convenience stores, and some homes. We associate Taylor Swift with beauty, success, and an overall positive image.

Lastly, because there is simplicity in the way that she has transformed into the glowing natural beauty that she is. It appeals to the workingwoman, stay at home mom, young adult and teenager.

This helps the message behind the product. Their success is derived from their expert techniques in appealing to audiences logos, pathos, and ethos. The subheading is in all capital letters with the first two words being in bold print.

Therefore we are more likely to spend money on a product she specifically endorses. Both of these women represent beautiful for the not so average woman, this woman being a bright lipstick and intensely yellow eye shadow wearer.

This message has been displayed very successfully in CoverGirl Advertisements. Taylor Swift, being the popular music icon that she is, brings CoverGirl extreme amounts of revenue everyday. There is a simple white layout for the background. The key to their successful advertising lies within their tactics involvin g logos, pathos, and ethos.

Finally, the commercial appeals to our ethos through the use of Taylor Swift being its featured promoter. They are looking for an easy way look beautiful but not over do it.

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I ask that you take a brief thirty seconds and quickly view this CoverGirl advertisement I included; and take notice of the use of these concepts throughout the persuasive commercial featuring Taylor Swift: In order to appeal to the audience they used a celebrity that is very popular.

C advertisement, Lady sits in front of a Dark blue background without a smile on her face while Cyndi Lauper holds a cake in a trailer park on a gloomy day. When it comes to prices and comparing CoverGirl to M. When comparing the general structure of the two different cosmetics ads, CoverGirl displays a lighter and fresher image in order to persuade its audience and keep their appeal general.

Rihanna is a brown-skinned woman so using her dark skin color against the white background helps the image to pop out. After observing a CoverGirl advertisement with Drew Barrymore and comparing it to an advertisement for M.

CoverGirl: an America's Hottest Brands Case Study

The color white is associated with coolness, light, and goodness which makes sense to be used in the way it was used in this advertisement. Using the famous celebrity, Rihanna, to campaign will help with the sale of the product because seeing her use the product and it making her beauty expand, convinces others that look up to her to try the product.

The idea of such a simple and easy makeup application that creates a glow in each woman who uses it is key to the success of the advertising campaign. Not only are the celebrities that they use beautiful in different ways and belong to certain heritages and cultures, but also their prices are affordable allowing them to be purchased by many more people than M.

In addition, the point the ad makes in acknowledging the cost efficiency of the product appeals to our logos as well since society tends to favor cost effective products. We view a popular idol asking females to take part in that green initiative by buying a product that has a sense of eco-friendliness.Georgina Bzdikian Professor Payte English When one hears the words “Easy, breezy, beautiful, cover girl,” he or she automatically thinks of the makeup brand CoverGirl.

The company has coined the phrase and made it a household known phrase associated with their brand. CoverGirl has many different commercials with celebrities like. Face & eye makeup, lipstick, makeup tools & pro tips. Check out our COVERGIRL Collections including TruBlend, Outlast, Blast and more.

Nov 16,  · By the third quarter ofCoverGirl's market share was up points from early in eye makeup, and its shares in facial makeup and lipstick were up. Cover Girl Print Ad Analysis.

K Date: Cover Girl Advertisement When thinking of advertisements, for some odd reason, I immediately will think of Cover Girl makeup ads that are often found in almost every woman’s magazine.

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However. CoverGirl Marketing Plan 1.

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Running head: COVER GIRL OUTLAST STAY FABULOUS 3-IN-1 FOUNDATION Cover Girl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation Marketing Plan Carolyn Bianco University of California, Riverside Opportunities and Threat Analysis Cover Girl’s Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 foundation has many strengths it can build from, but.

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Cover girl makeup analysis
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