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To receive relevant details or to order without delay, simply browse to our Original Writing area! Although she apparently does want George to enlist and is sincerely happy when he does, Howells implies that merely by expressing her feelings about the war Editha satisfied her own romantic sense: Unlike Editha, George has observed the real effect of war.

That her belief is false is obvious to her mother, to George, and to the reader, but she herself ignores the truth. She holds tenaciously to her Editha essay topics that war is a romantic opportunity for her lover to do something glorious to win her.

So she hesitated sending it. He did this by comparing and contrasting American culture with those of other countries. He seemed to despise it even more than he abhorred it. There are two characteristics of "Editha" that clearly demonstrate that Howells specifically used the ideas of Charles Sanders Peirce.

His Editha essay topics novels and stories resemble laboratory experiments in pragmatic ethics, in which he exposes the beliefs of his characters to the test of experience. George, on the other hand, is a thoroughgoing pragmatist, whose attitude toward belief is "Tv e no business to think so, unless I act so, too.

I call any war glorious that is for the liberation of people Her belief satisfies her emotionally because it enables her to picture herself as the heroine of a romance. By clinging to her fictional ideal of romantic heroism, she denied herself involvement in Editha essay topics reality of love that he offered her.

Her false, romantic self-concept was further strengthened by the ideal of her Howells utilizes literary realism in his short story Editha to communicate the reality of war and to portray the romanticism Americans had created around the concept of war.

Through his ironic indictment of Editha, Howells criticizes the sentimentality of the day, which counteracted the realism in which he believed. Howells complained that these historical romances, with their taste for strange lands, adventure, and sentiment, were poverty-stricken in ideas.

The true definition of literary realism as defined by Encyclopedia Britannica is an approach that attempts to describe life without idealization or romantic subjectivity.

America required a literature that would expound what had happened and what was happening to their society. In full compliance with your pending deadline, financial obstacles, requested standards, and level of learning, our scholarly researchers can email rapid aid for your academic essay, interpretive capstone project, expository case study, school research proposal, and equivalent types of Editha assignments.

Our personal researchers can also compose a marvelous essay that conforms to the specific requirements that you disclose. Howells was a champion of realism in American literature. She not only clings tenaciously to a false belief about war, but also to a false belief about the human response to reality.

She herself sees that her argument about the glory of war consists of phrases parroted from the newspapers, but she rationalizes her empty rhetoric by thinking that she "must sacrifice anything to the high ideal she had" for George. Realists endeavored to give a comprehensive picture of modern life by presenting the entire picture.

The increase of immigrants into America was one of the reasons. While using the realist style in Editha, Howells also adds a humorous edge by commenting on American values.

Although realism is not limited to any one-century or group of writers, it is most often associated with the literary movement in 19th-century France, specifically with the French novelists Flaubert and Balzac.

The fictional image of the romantic hero obviously stimulates her desire that George "do something worthy to have won her—be a hero, her hero—it would be even better than if he had done it before asking her; it would be grander.

Realism in Editha

Realism in Editha Literary Realism in Editha After World War I, American people and the authors among them were disillusioned by the effects that war had on their society. Her culminating act was to write a letter, tied with red, white, and blue ribbon, in which she stated that the man she would marry must be devoted to his country first.

You may preview, in the directly underneath section, various extensive drafts. Editha blindly and ignorantly believes in the heroic romanticism of war and is totally oblivious to the real consequences of battle. Ironically, George enlists when his reason is clouded with drink, not when he is acting pragmatically, and he then must justify his action to himself with sophistries.

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He did not try to give one view of life but instead attempted to show the different classes, manners, and stratification of life in America. Structurally the story follows the method of a pragmatic experiment in belief and reality.

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Our doctoral-level scholars can type a completely brand new, customized document—precisely for you—over the scholarly Editha thesis that you choose. They repeat their beliefs to themselves, search for evidence supporting them, and reject with contempt any facts which contradict them.

Although she at first "put a guard upon herself against urging him, by any word or act, to take the part that her whole soul willed him to take. In the United States, at the end of the nineteenth century, there was a revival of interest in the historical romance, which overwhelmed the realistic movement.

Her love for George itself lacked significance compared to her passion for war.Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Editha Sparknotes.

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Editha essaysI have decided to go out on a limb and discuss the story "Editha" by William Dean Howells. This story is told in a way that every American can understand the glory of war, but in a different sense the aftermath of pain that is left behind.

It took me three times in reading thi. Howells' criticism of romanticism in "Editha. William Dean Howells was a very straight forward writer who made his opinion known to many people.

He was never a fan of the romantic era of writing that took place before him, but instead was the leading writer of literary realism in America.3/5(3).

Essay on The Story Editha by William Dean Howells - In order to better interpret a piece of literature you have to get the background information first.

Research Assignment Feminist Literary Theory in "Editha" (Essay Sample) Instructions: In this activity, you will select one (1) literary theory (Feminist Literary Theory) from the ones covered in the module.

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