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More product returns signals customer dissatisfaction, and loss of confidence in the brand.

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The benefits that can be gain from this measurement are: This most common measurement is defined as follows: Therefore, it was unreasonable only using one single target return to evaluation all the new projects from all three divisions to determine if the projects were profitable.

Furthermore, Eccles and Pyburn claim that financial performance measures are oriented internally rather than externally.

Improving ROI is about a balancing act that requires all the skills of an effective manager. People depend more on what other people say and recommend. Goal congruence Enager appears to have a difference of interest amongst the top management.

Word of mouth is very important when a business is selling its services. If any benchmark were to be set to evaluate the profitability of new projects, it should be carefully engineered according to specific situation that can be applied to specific division, with the comparison to other competitors in the industry or to past performance.

With less depreciation, divisions with newer assets will have lower ROA due to a larger denominator of assets value. The operating cash flow statement helps us to identify why this cash is not full prenominal enough to reach the managements R. A review of the operationalization of performance highlights the limited effectiveness of commonly accepted measurement practices in tapping this multidimensionality.

For example, the Professional Service division probably requires more administrative services, so this division should be allocated a larger portion of the administrative service expenses. This is not only a communication problem, but also an evaluation problem caused by the inappropriate treatment of the assets value that is used in calculating ROA.

Enager Industry Inc. Case Study Essay

Much of the tension stated in the case was generated by the frustration of the general manager of Industrial Products division. The fourth part of this One could also argue that the increase was due to the company not able to sell its budgeted inventory in Also, producing quality products reduces the potential cost of defective products.

A good market share usually means profitability for a manufacturing industry such as kitchenware. Industrial division could have a higher ROA as mentioned if their equipment was older lower book-value.

Keeping in touch with customers, checking up on products, and involving customers throughout all stages of a projects design and manufacturing is critical.

An investment center indirectly adds profit and is evaluated according to the money it takes to operate. The higher amount of residual income of a division, the greater its invested capital as evidenced.

The service quality is important in the industry that this division is in. Economic Value Added EVA is a reliable measurement that also leads to better goal congruence because EVA specific to a division is not very comparable across divisions; the managers will then be able to focus more on operating efficiencies.

Profit center is a division or subunit of a company that is accounted for on a stand-alone basis for the purposes of profit calculation. However, return on assets and gross return on assets were also highlighted that saw decreases.Essay on Enager Industries Ltd IntroductionEnager Industries Ltd (Enager) was a relatively young company whom manufactured and produced products/services within three divisions- Consumer Products, Industrial Products and Professional Services.

Enager Industries

Essay about Techsonic Industries Inc. Humminbird New Products in the industry thought they knew what the customer wanted, but Techsonic was the only one who actually asked and listened.

They continued with focus groups. Enager Industries, Inc. (“Enager”) is a young company with three major divisions: Consumer Products, Industrial Products, and Professional Services. The oldest division is Consumer Products and it designs, manufactures, and markets household items that are primarily used in the kitchen.

The frustated speaker was Sarah McNeil, product development manager of the Consumer Products Division of Enager Industries, Inc. Enager was a relatively new company, which had grown rapidly to its sales level of over $ million (see Exhibits 1 and 2 for its financial data for and ).

Dec 17,  · Hubbard also states that a company like Enager should have a 12% return on EBIT. With this being said, McNeils proposal demonstrates a return of 13% (ROA = EBIT/Assets = $,/$3,), and a favorable EVA bequeath be provided under this return figure.

IntroductionEnager Industries Ltd (Enager) was a relatively young company whom manufactured and produced products/services within three divisions- Consumer Products, Industrial Products and Professional Services.

Consumer Products, the oldest among the three divisions in Enager, designed.

Enager industries ltd essay
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