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Essay This essay has been submitted by a student. For Billy Budd is not merely the account of a threatened mutiny; it is a psychological analysis of characters in which outward event serves the simple purpose of machinery.

Discussing their dilemma under these harrowing circumstances, Melville remarks: He is truly the balanced man.

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Billy rebels against the authority of Vere and Claggart when he does not speak and punches Claggart, killing him.

No materials for such a story can be found in any of the voluminous records of the Great Mutiny of Hyde, represent two sides of human nature. The first use that Melville made of the leisure afforded by his retirement was to collect some sea pieces he had been writing during the past ten years, add a few new ones, and issue them in as a slender poetic offering entitled John Marr and Other Sailors, in a privately printed edition of twenty-five copies.

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In the real world, evil exists-unmitigated, unexplained, unmotivated, and impossible to grasp. Today, Melville is justifiably known as one of the greatest American writers.

Billy becomes very emotional and leads the story into the climax. After a desperate engagement, in which Captain Vere was killed, the enemy ship was captured. Herman grew up in a family who struggled to make enough money.

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He was born to Allan and Maria Melvill Meltzer 9. After he served in the navy, Melville heard many stories about adventures at sea, which he used in his novels Meltzer Rather, he embraces death as a means of atoning for evil and goes willingly to his death, blessing Captain Vere as Christ blessed his enemies.

That Billy is untutored in the ways of the world remains unchanged throughout the story. The family moved around trying to run a profitable business.

But the urgency felt, well warranted or otherwise, was much the same. Camus is correct when he compares Billy Budd to Greek tragedies because the story has a plot which creates emotion during many moments like Greek stories which is why it is an element of Romanticism.Free Essay: BILLY BUDD There are many ways you can argue if the novel Billy Budd was a good novel or a bad one.

You can determine this by looking at such. Essays and criticism on Herman Melville's Billy Budd - Critical Essays. Billy Budd is a story about a young, handsome, and muscular sailor named Billy Budd.

Billy is falsely accused of mutiny by the master-of-arms on the ship, John Claggart. When asked to defend himself, Billy starts to stutter and cannot claim his innocence.

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Billy Budd study guide contains a biography of Herman Melville, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

Critical Essays Purpose of Billy Budd. Bookmark this page Manage My Reading List. In the last chapter, Melville reveals Billy's immortality. His fellow sailors, moved by a face that never sneered or revealed vileness of heart, raise Billy to the level of legend and saint.

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One from his own watch is so influenced by his sad tale that he.

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