Factors affecting guest choice of hotel

In modern day, countries such as the UAE and the USA have up to 7 star hotels with ultramodern facilities and mind-blowing architecture. However, some of the reasons may overlap on occasions. Do a thorough research about the hotel and consider all necessary factors before choosing.

With moving trends come a change in taste and a desire for better amenities. Yes for the right reasons. To stay in competition, many hotels and guest houses have had to adapt and make these amenities available. This is exactly what happens in the hotel world. The second they find the best rate that suites them, BAM!

Your hotel needs to come with the best otherwise you will lose out BIG time! Hotel booking has long been a preserve for the affluent as well as businessmen and women who only book when they need to stay in one. Many Ghanaians now look at more than just price and location when choosing a hotel.

However, in Ghana you might want to take it a bit more seriously. Customers go online and compare prices. The reasons why some customers book may be far different from country to country. Amenities and Services - These days, there is more to a hotel than just bed and breakfast.

This gives an indication of the quality of service and facilities available as well as the price range.

Bennet Otoo, Jumia Travel. Some even go the extra mile of ensuring that none of their family or friends patronize that hotel. Online booking portals now give you the option of checking out maps so as to get the exact location of the hotel.

The moment you realize one item is what you want and cheaper than all others, you go for it.

Location - This looks like a universal factor that customers consider when choosing a hotel. People have different reasons why they choose a hotel. Due to the fact that majority of Ghanaians fall within the middle income group, 3 Star hotels are the most booked.

Top 5 Factors That Influence Customers’ Choice Of A Hotel In Ghana

If the factors you consider are not listed here, then you may want to add these to the list you already have.Among the factors that influence the choice of hotel, we highlight some competitive advantages in the present study such as location, hotel facilities, and the recommendations of friends/tourist.

Free Essay: 5 Factors affecting inbound and domestic tourism * Health, safety and security * Economic recession in the UK * Exchange rates * Weather *.

The goal of this research is to identify the factors affecting students’ hotel choices, to examine the impact of hotel servers when a potential guest selects a hotel, and to determine how hotel servers influence a student’s preference.

The target populations for this study were Johnson & Wales University students who had stayed in U.S. hotels. Factors Affecting Guest Perceived Service Quality, Product Quality, and Satisfaction–A Study of Luxury Restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Factors Determining Hotel Selection: Online Behaviour by Leisure Travellers Lewis, R.C. () Predicting hotel choice: The factors underlying perception.

Factors Determining Hotel Selection: Online Behaviour by Leisure Travellers Peter Jones and Meng-Mei Chen Tourism and Hospitality Research.

hotel is very necessary to make a good impression on Factors of Affecting Guests’ Satisfaction and Their Loyalty — A Study of Luxury Hotels in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. directly affect guest satisfaction.

H2: Factors of tangibility, assurance, responsiveness, reliability, empathy, hotel image and price positively and.

Factors affecting guest choice of hotel
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