How do the components of travel and tourism interrelate

The Hilton provides its products and services to all types of people. The Hilton has to provide a safe place of employment and provide a safe working environment.

Domestic tourists visit heritage attractions as a way to see the history within their own country. These major tour operators were considered to be mass-market tour operators as they sold similar holidays in packages that appealed to the majority of holidaymakers.

This building know as Manchester Central is a very popular place to visit because they provide business meetings, art exhibitions, art shows and the Manchester Christmas fairs, also lots more event during the year.

Some call centres are operator or airline owned and sell on behalf of that company only, others are specialist call centres and handle calls and bookings for many companies. Thomas Cooks main aims are to be successful and make a profit. Thomas Cook also contributes to the International and UK economy as it creates more Inbound and Outbound tourism, meaning more money is being spent in different countries from tourists.

Therefore the Hilton is making profit because of the Gmex advertising the Hilton as a local hotel to stay whilst visiting the Gmex for a business conference. They are the main factor for Thomas Cooks overall profit.

Other major UK airlines include British Midland and Virgin Atlantic, these are scheduled airlines; there are also many charter airlines such as Monarch and Thompson, however, Monarch also operates a a sechuled service.

Domestic tourists may use an airport when wanting to travel to a different destination by using a range of airlines, coach, bus or train. However, specialist tour opperators sold more individually tailored holidays or specialised in one destination or activity, but today, many large tour operators also offer many specialist products.

They would also be given a tour of the local sights giving tourists an idea of things to do during their visit. It is also easier to compare prices and deals. Different transport providers also inter-depend with Alton Towers, they provide the transport companies with tickets at a reduced price which means the coach companies can offer a reduced priced package to their customers.

Also the other things this law does are giving emergency numbers, giving immediate notifications of any increase of prices and producing accurate promotional material. An airport provides products and services to various groups of people and businesses, this can be complex but profitable. TUI AG is the largest travel group in the world, which does not just include tour operators.

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Customers are the most important factor of Alton Towers profit. Specialist tour operators respond well to the trend for tailor-made holidays with their specialist products.

However some people visit a country just to go to a theme park such as Disney World or Disney Land. Shareholders Merlin Entertainments owns Alton Towers. There are different types of chains, fully integrated chains of distribution and simpler chains.

An advantage of one business offering all parts of a holiday is that the business can control its cost and ensure their customers receive a guaranteed high standard of service. On-line travel agents Websites are the most up-to-date means of distributing travel and tourism products and services.

The regulation that the Hilton hotel follow is the Health and Safety at work act Domestic tourists may use a tour operator when visiting a part of their own country that they have never seen before. The overseas offices work closely with British diplomatic and cultural staff, the local travel trade and media, to stimulate interest in the UK.

They are at different levels in the chain of distribution. NATS handles more than 2 million flights a yea, carrying over million passengers. Interrelate is when two or more businesses come together, such as Alton Towers and a coach company such as National Express both companies will make certain deals such as the coach company can make a profit by selling the tickets to the coach customers so the coach company is interrelating with Alton Towers by creating a deal with the coach company.

The coach company will bring lots of people into the tourist attraction, therefore Alton Towers will make a profit because of the visitors spending money on food, gifts and also many other things.Types of Tourism There are three types of tourism: domestic, outbound and inbound.

Domestic tourism is when you travel within the country normally for a day trip; for example, someone traveling from London to Brighton for the day would be. How Do The Components Of Travel And Tourism Interrelate Introduction to Tourism BEM James Ince number one tutorial question- Describe how the components of the tourism industry interact together in order to provide tourists with their holiday experience.

No single component of the Travel and Tourism Industry can operate alone without relying on other parts of the industry. Alton Towers can be used to give examples of independence; nearby accommodation, transport and food and drink providers benefit off Alton Towers as the companies help to promote each other.

Travel and tourism is now the largest industry in the world: In the United States alone, over million people work in this industry, and in60 million international visitors came to the United States, spending $ billion.

what are some of the ways that the travel and tourism industry can affect local communities? travelers to any destination bring money and jobs, but they can also bring problems increased travelers you must provide services such as police, fire fighters, water treatment plans, and solid waste disposal facilities.

1 know the travel and tourism component industries and their organisations 2 understand the role of travel and tourism organisations and their interrelationships 3 know the developments that have shaped the present day travel and tourism sector 4 understand how trends and factors are currently affecting the travel and tourism sector.

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How do the components of travel and tourism interrelate
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