Intercultural communication with the peterson family essay

I endeavour to review their contributions and indicate how they contribute to our understanding of management theory and practice of management training in communication skills. They must interact with each other to transcend their own boundaries and as a result change themselves.

Get Access Intercultural Communication Essay Sample Intercultural communication is communication between people with different cultures such as Americans and Europeans. The traditional disciplines of management do not lend themselves to knowledge management and should be revised so that the knowledge based competence of a corporation can be managed effectively and efficiently.

Communicatively, the empathic individual signals understanding and concern through verbal and nonverbal cues Bell, Intercultural communications can be achieved in many different ways by people who are so vastly different by attending seminars, classes, and even by doing your own research to learn about the differences between the cultures that you are communicating with.

In Encyclopedia of Small Business 4th ed. Problem solving Employers and employees should work together to understand the different cultures that coexist within the work organization. Empathy is multi-faceted, involving cognitive thinkingaffective feelingand communication component: Informally published manuscript, Retrieved from http: Body language and history are also a major part of the intercultural communications within different countries.

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Intercultural Communication Essay Sample

Traditional notions about strategy, human resource management, finance and marketing should be re-examined and revised in order to manage knowledge for competitive advantage Ichijo and Nonaka, As stated by Allwood J.

No sense of distance: Thus through the development of empathy we can manage to understand why a certain person acts a certain way when faced with problems caused my intercultural misunderstandings and such.

You use the intercultural communications to help be aware of areas that would most likely cause common difficulties or conflicts between people of different cultures.

Intercultural communication can be used for communications between people of different religious, social, ethnic, and even educational backgrounds.

Thus understanding the diversity not only helps to overcome intercultural misunderstandings but helps also to improve interpersonal communication within the work organization 6.

Thus learning the new language is learning intercultural communication as we will be speaking the language of others from different cultural backgrounds compared to us.

Improving cross-cultural communication with context-linked software tools. It is used as a means for global communications and businesses.

Differences that can impact verbal communications are the tone you use, how you go about the conversation, and even if you interrupt them can affect how they continue business with you and your company.

The best way for me to meet the major challenges of intercultural communications in my field and profession is to always do my research on the culture of the clients and set a certain restriction of my mannerisms to make sure they are universally acceptable and keep up to date on what behavior and communicational signals are acceptable within every culture to ensure I do not offend someone of a different culture.Intercultural Communication Intercultural communication is now a common experience as a result of globalisation.

It is extremely important to understanding how culture impacts on employee relationships and communication as it can affect the success of multinational and culturally diverse businesses. For this type of communication, training in the language of the new culture is clearly of the greatest importance.

Thus learning the new language is learning intercultural communication as we will be speaking the language of others from different cultural backgrounds compared to us. Thus, the intercultural communication has been accelerated.

In order to do business with foreign countries, the needs of knowing English language and its cultures are crucially increasing. To some extent, the learning of English is the learning of cultures of English-speaking countries.

Sep 18,  · Importance of Intercultural Communication Essay Communication: The Importance of Being Assertive reflecting on own practice experiences, discussion with colleagues or training.

Intercultural Communication

staff should be able to defuse a situation professionally and calmly without anyone getting harmed. After a year of living with my brother, I moved in to live with the Peterson family in Montclair, California. Jason Peterson was a physics professor at the University of California at Berkeley while Mary Peterson was a schoolteacher.

Living with the Peterson family made me grapple with the difference between American and Afghan culture. This communication analysis will deconstruct the term intercultural communication and explain the problems associated with this type of communication.

Three main issues surround the problem of intercultural communication: language barriers, cultural diversity, and ethnocentrism. One problem with intercultural communication is language barriers/5(12).

Intercultural communication with the peterson family essay
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