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As in cuneiform writing, simple signs based on pictures soon gave way to complex signs that included reference to sound. Greek contains many syllables that are not simple consonant-vowel combinations, and megan in chinese writing alphabet all consonantal sounds are followed by vowels.

Moreover, these markings are more or less similar to the shapes drawn on clay tablets that date back to about bce and that are unambiguously related to the Sumerian language.

These graphs represented the consonants of the language, vowels remaining unrepresented. To serve as a reminder of the contents of the envelope so that every reader would not need to break open the envelope to read the contents, corresponding shapes were impressed upon the envelope.

The development of Korean writing is discussed in more detail in Korean language: And it was of no use at all for Chinese, which is megan in chinese writing alphabet monosyllabic language with a great many homophones.

Chinese is a language with clearly distinguished syllables, each of which corresponds to a meaningful unit, a morpheme. Now that there was no need for the tokens at all, their message was simply inscribed into the clay.

Is selected exhaustive content so that the best results are obtained. Yet the system was a genuine logographic writing system generally adequate to economic and administrative purposes. Some of the envelopes have markings that correspond to the clay shapes inside. It must be remembered, however, that efficiency depends not only on the nature of the writing system but also on the functions required of it by its users, for orthographies are invented to serve particular cultural purposes.

We make the best apps for children. It is a featural script consisting of some 24 letters that have a systematic visual structure directly related to the phonetic features of the phonemes.


For a more detailed history of writing in Chinese, see Chinese writing. Nonetheless, ignoring the vowels does result in an orthography that is far from explicit or complete; many ambiguities in decoding remain. Sumerian script was adopted in the 3rd millennium bce by the Akkadianswho greatly expanded the phonographic properties of the script.

Sampson suggested that in the Semitic language some of the consonants that preceded a vowel sound may have been nonphonemic to the Greeks, who thus in hearing the syllable would have heard only a vowel corresponding to a vowel already prominent in the Greek language.

By means of this principle a graph system was constructed with a memorized order, beginning alef, bet, gimel, that was suitable for representing a full range of meanings. The earliest stages of development are still a matter of much speculation based on fragmentary evidence. At this point children may write the word with a series of consonants: Thus, at the earliest stage, children think that the word train must be represented by a long word because it is a long thing.

Moreover, words may consist simply of vowels, words may begin with vowels, and words with adjacent vowels are not uncommon.

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For English, the differentiation of all the 26 letters was completed only in the 19th century. Sumerian writing The outline of the development of the Sumerian writing system has been worked out by paleographers.

What was distinctive was that the Greeks used six of the Semitic letters, those that represented sounds that did not occur in Greek, to represent vowel sounds. As the British classicist Eric A. Moreover, for languages such as Chinese and Japanese, which have simple syllabic structures and a great number of homophones, a writing system that depended on phonological structure, such as a syllabary or an alphabet, would be extremely inefficient.

For a more thorough treatment of the relationship between writing and language in Chinese, see Chinese languages: History of writing systems While spoken or signed language is a more or less universal human competence that has been characteristic of the species from the beginning and that is commonly acquired by human beings without systematic instruction, writing is a technology of relatively recent history that must be taught to each generation of children.

The invention of the alphabet is a major achievement of Western culture. The alphabet requires little of the reader beyond familiarity with its orthography. Western scripts went farthest in the phonographic direction, representing words by means of syllables and syllables by means of consonantal writing systems and eventually developing a full vocalic alphabet.

Because vowel sounds generally distinguish grammatical rather than lexical meaning, some Semitic writing systems never developed any device for representing them. Now reading and writing for children in many languages!

The first writing system consistently based on the sound structure of a language was Linear Ba Mycenaean Greek orthography developed about bce and deciphered in by Michael Ventrisan English architect and cryptographer.

The inventors of the Semitic orthography apparently took the acrophonic principle, that of representing sounds by pictures of things whose names begin with that sound, from Egyptian hieroglyphica form of writing not different in principle from Akkadian cuneiform.

Until the 20th century the normal medium of written communication was in Chinese, using the Chinese writing system. Only one practical orthography, Korean, adopted a featural system, and that invention bore little or no relation to neighbouring orthographies.

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