Mungello the great encounter or china

For this reason, the Sino-European interaction is to a large extent part of the history of Christianity in China LatouretteCharbonnierMoffett There is also a Chinese translation published in His family urged him to return home, but he said it was impossible as the flood was still going on.

A Dominican carried the case to Rome where it dragged on and on, largely because no one in the Vatican knew Chinese culture sufficiently to provide the pope with a ruling. According to the Chinese legend Yu the Great was a man-god.

David E. Mungello, The Catholic Invasion of China: Remaking Chinese Christianity (2015)

University of Arizona Press, Each time, Yu refused to go in the door, saying that as the flood was rendering countless number of people homeless, he could not rest. Yu is said to have initially declined the throne, but was so popular with other local lords and chiefs that he agreed to become the new emperor, at the age of fifty-three.

Polish Michal Boym authored the first published Chinese dictionaries for European languages, both of which were published posthumously: They made very extensive astronomical observation and carried out the first modern cartographic work in China.

Wills, and John W. The third time Yu was passing by, his son was older than ten years old. In one common story, Yu had only been married four days when he was given the task of fighting the flood.

Please subscribe or login. In particular, Mount Longmen along the Yellow River had a very narrow channel which blocked water from flowing freely east toward the ocean. For example, his hands were said to be thickly callusedand his feet were completely covered with callus.

The second time he passed by, his son could already call out to his father.

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General Overviews Sino-European contacts can be divided between missionary contacts, on the one hand, and diplomatic and commercial contacts, on the other, both discussed in Wills and Fu After he and Ferdinand Verbiest won the tests against Chinese and Islamic calendar scholars, the court adapted the western calendar only.

The timely discovery of the Nestorian monument in enabled the Jesuits to strengthen their position with the court by answering an objection the Chinese often expressed — that Christianity was a new religion. No inscriptions on artifacts dated to the supposed era of Yu, or the later oracle bones, contain any mention of Yu.

Yu the Great

For the early 18th century, French and Manchu are needed and sometimes German ; though most of the secondary sources mentioned in this article are in English, the majority of the secondary sources are actually in languages other than English, for example, modern Chinese, German, French, and Italian, and have not been translated.

The Jesuits also endeavoured to build churches and demonstrate Western architectural styles. He established a capital at Anyi Chinese: Rodrigues and other Jesuits also began compiling geographical information about the Chinese Empire.

But the most important contacts took place between European missionaries who settled in China and the local Christian communities they interacted with.

Collaborating with Houjia semi-mythical agricultural master about whom little is concretely known, Yu successfully devised a system of flood controls that were crucial in establishing the prosperity of the Chinese heartland. His Vie de Confuciusthe twelfth volume of that collection, was more complete and accurate than any predecessors.

He was imprisoned and condemned to slow slicing death. It gives the reader a firsthand impression of Chinese primary sources in this field. Latin was one of the things which were taught by the Jesuits. In Rome decided against the ancient use of the words Shang Di supreme emperor and Tien heaven for God.

Jesuit China missions

This bibliography, following the General Overviews and Reference Works and Bibliographies sections, focuses on the main actors Europeans and Chinesethe major fields of encounter in China Philosophy and TheologyScience and TechnologyArts and Craftsand the cultural transmission to Europe.

Great Flood China During the reign of king Yaothe Chinese heartland was frequently plagued by floods that prevented further economic and social development. In the early years of the 18th century, Jesuit cartographers travelled throughout the country, performing astronomical observations to verify or determine the latitude and longitude relative to Beijing of various locations, then drew maps based on their findings.

How to Subscribe Oxford Bibliographies Online is available by subscription and perpetual access to institutions. He spent more than nine years building a series of dikes and dams along the riverbanks, but all of this was ineffective, despite or because of the great number and size of these dikes and the use of a special self-expanding soil.

Trade, Settlement, Diplomacy, and Missions. Yu is thus believed to have grown up on the slopes of Mount Song, just south of the Yellow River. The water control problems after the initial flooding could plausibly have lasted for some twenty years.

It includes foreign visits to China and Sino-Russian diplomatic relations.Sino-European contacts can be divided between missionary contacts, on the one hand, and diplomatic and commercial contacts, on the other, both discussed in Wills and Fu These contacts resulted in the circulation of people and ideas from Europe to China and from China to Europe (Mungello.

David E. Mungello, The Catholic Invasion of China: Remaking Chinese Christianity (). Yu the Great (c. – BC) was a legendary ruler in ancient China famed for his introduction of flood control, inaugurating dynastic rule in China by establishing the Xia Dynasty, and for his upright moral character.

The dates proposed for Yu's reign predate the oldest known written records in China, the oracle bones of the late Shang dynasty. China in the 16th Century: The Journals of Matthew Ricci, [Jouis J. Gallagher, Richard J.

Cushing] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. xxii,[1], with a foreword by Richard J. Cushing, black & white frontispiece. The history of the missions of the Jesuits in China is part of the history of relations between China and the Western missionary efforts and other work of the Society of Jesus, or Jesuits, between the 16th and 17th century played a significant role in continuing the transmission of knowledge, science, and culture between China and.

A história económica de Portugal abrange o desenvolvimento da economia ao longo da história raízes estendem-se até o período de ocupação romana, durante o qual as províncias da Lusitânia e Galécia (atualmente Galiza e extremo norte de Portugal) atuavam na próspera economia da Hispânia como produtores e .

Mungello the great encounter or china
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