Non profit organizations and the media essay

In order to ensure that the patients are not forced to fall prey to drugs again they are provided special individual as well as group counseling session whereby the causes for their previous addiction to drug is determined and emotional support is provided to help them abstain from abusing substances in the future.

Our medical staffs, with the aid of professional doctors help and supervise the patients in eliminating the toxins from their body system.

We look forward to hearing form your organization in regard to any kind of support and funding that you would be able to provide for our organization.

After the bosy is rid of the drugs and toxins, the patients are aided to buil;d up their physical strength to combat the effects of the toxins and the medical detox treatment.

Non Profit Organization Non Profit Organization California is a state which suffers from substantial cases of substance abuse, the reason for which is mainly the easy availability of drugs to people.

Drugs like cocaine, heroin, meth and marijuana are illegally transported from Mexico into the state. Aside from this currently our program is set for a 3 month period and we would like to increase the duration of the program to make way for 6 month and year long programs as well, however for this we would require additional funds regarding setting of the infrastructure, developing rehabilitation programs and paying for medicines and the salaries of the non voluntary staff.

These include regular exercise programs and physical excursions like hiking, surfing and swimming to make the program appealing to youngsters and help them bond with fellow patients.

Any support provided would greatly help us in reorganizing and facilitating the rehabilitation process for our patients. The emotional detox program established also aims to provide the patients with career counseling facilities and helps to develop and enhance positive influences in the patients social life by introducing them to different cultures, hobbies and interests which they might like to take up for their leisure time or even as a profession.

This has resulted ion increase in substance abuse amongst adolescents and young adults.

In order to support the patients we provide them with a comprehensive three month basic program which comprises of the following: However there is also internal production for meth and marijuana in California itself.

Our organization is a non-profit organization which is trying to provide rehabilitation and healthcare facilities to the young generation suffering from substance abuse free of cost.

However in order to provide all these services to the patients our organization requires funding for equipment, professional assistance as well as collaboration with your organization for providing scholarship programs for deserving individuals."The Role Of Public Relations In Non Profit Organizations" Essays and Research Papers  Public Relation Non-profit Organization Scandal: His or her role is to convey the policies and interests of the organization to the public through various modes of media.

Discuss role of volunteers in both non-profit organizations

For an organization. Essay on Profit and Non-Profit. Profit and Non-Profit July 9, Profit and Non-Profit When we read the mission statements of most companies there is a underlying theme to many of their statements and it is to conduct themselves in an ethical manner, and while many believe to behave ethically is a human moral factor and cannot be attributed to a corporation there are organizations who try to.

Discuss role of volunteers in both non-profit organizations. Volunteers and Decision Making. Volunteers are an integral though often overlooked segment of both non-profit and for-profit organizations.

In this assignment, you will discuss the role of volunteers and their influence on organizational decision-making. Essay on Resistance To. How would you use the internet to recruit volunteers to your non-profit organization? Discuss way in which non-profit organizations can raise their profile by using social media.

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Non Profit Organization

However, it is important to take into consideration that the goal of a non - profit organization is the overall mission. Free Essays \ Non Profit Organization; Our organization is a non-profit organization which is trying to provide rehabilitation and healthcare facilities to the young generation suffering from substance abuse free of cost.

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Non profit organizations and the media essay
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