Notes from the midnight driver book report

It was very refreshing indeed. He nimbly moves from humour to pathosseemingly merging the two. His sense of humour was just right, not too much over the top. Alex finds it hard to get along with him and asks the judge to change his assignment.

Book Review: Notes from the Midnight Driver By Jordan Sonnenblick

Eventually the sodden mass of paper, blood, wipes, and coffee was disposed of by a guy in rubber gloves. I had a couple of such events, so it was easy for me to identify with the turmoil of Alex, a mild mannered boy. At school, Alex struggles to rebuild his reputation with his friends after his drunk-driving accident and to get his parents to trust him again.

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Slowly, Alex realizes that he needs to stop being so self-centered. As this text developed, I could not help but fall in love with Sol, a. Sentenced to a hundred hours of community service at a local nursing home, he is assigned to an elderly man named Sol Lewis.

Exploring themes of family conflict, intergenerational friendship, the elder care system, and Jewish culture in America, Notes From the Midnight Driver was praised for its engaging characters and realistic dialogue.

After several of my new pals in blue dragged me semi-conscious I mean, I was semi-conscious; they were pretty alert into the station, they left me cuffed to a scuffed-up old wooden seat across from some old guy with a badge.

The judge refuses, and Alex and the old man are stuck together. Sol, who gave him a difficult time in the beginning, really cares about Alex. I love when authors do that! I know that, some time soon, the boops will become one long beep, the mountains will crumble into a flat line, and I will be finished with my work here.

But slowly they begin to build a friendship. Also, perhaps I am slow highly probablebut I did not see the connection at the end coming, until about 4 chapters out. Meeting with local musicians Steven and Annette, he organizes a benefit concert at the nursing home to entertain the nursing home residents and also raise money to provide better amenities.

He finds more common ground with his father, learning that he has an interest in music as well. He took a really long look at my forehead, the mixture of blood, snot, and tears that was flowing freely across my facial features, and the moist abstract painting that had been his desk blotter, and decided to use a trick which always works for my Dad: You watch him very quietly teach Alex some major life lessons, and of course, Alex grows from them.

Up jumped the handcuff. I love how Sonnenblick draws both of these characters, and I found myself chuckling over their interactions. He is in a nursing home and slowly dying of emphysema, but man does he have spunk! Alex also learns that something can come from nothing.This funny and uplifting novel, Notes From the Midnight Driver, puts a fun spin on the usual YA format.

With hilarious characters, one crushed lawn gnome, and an unlikely friendship, it’s sure to be a great read for young and old alike. Notes From the Midnight Driver PARENT REVIEW | Jody Podl. My daughter, Rachel, does not like books that. Notes from the Midnight Driver by Jordan Sonnenblick in CHM, FB2, RTF download e-book.

Feb 26,  · "Notes From the Midnight Driver" by Jordan Sonnenblick. 60second Book Review by Jenny Sawyer. After.

Notes From The Midnight Driver By: Jordan Sonnenblick Pages: Genre: REalistic Fiction Hook Passage Hook Passage We finished.

Notes from the Midnight Driver

People clapped. We packed up. Annette and I helped Steven get his drums out to his mom's car while all of the residents except Sol went back to their floors for the night. NOTES FROM THE MIDNIGHT DRIVER is Jordan Sonnenblick's second book.

For any fans out there, Sonnenblick ties this new book to his first, Drums, Girls, And Dangerous Pie, by bringing back several characters.

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Also, as in his first book, Sonnenblick works in a little romance along with music and some great humor. The book Notes from the Midnight Driver was a very entertaining book that can interest those of any age. I rated this book five out of five stars for its amazing characters and interesting plot.

I also liked how the author added in characters from is other books, that made me chuckle a bit/5.

Notes from the midnight driver book report
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