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The full list of NUS graduate programmes is available here with hyperlinks to the individual programme websites. QE will be recommended to the Board of Graduate Studies to have the candidature terminated.

How do I find theses?: Introduction

The second part of the GRS conducted in the second semester of the academic year will be for Graduate Student Presentations. Graduate Diploma is often favoured by students who seek additional exposure to an area of interest without committing themselves to longer-term further Nus phd thesis.

Prospective graduate students should consider carefully which type of graduate programme most suits their interests and career aspirations.

Independent Study Modules are, by default, to be taken in conjunction with an undergraduate honors module offered in the same semester under the supervision of the instructor of that module. Supervision Graduate students are strongly encouraged to consult their supervisor at least once per semester and produce regular written work.

The remaining MCs must be at level or above. These programmes offer excellent opportunities for students to further develop their potential as intellectual leaders for a wide range of career paths. They have built collaborations in research across national borders and disciplines. What is required for a Doctoral Degree?

Award of Degree The candidate will be considered for award of degree by the Board of Graduate Studies: There will also be weekly writing assignments for the purpose of developing time management skills in the students. PhD students take a total of doctoral level courses.

If, however, major revisions are recommended by the examiner sthe candidate may be asked to revise and resubmit the thesis for further examination before the oral examination is scheduled. Qualifying Examination Pass the Ph. Normally a candidate who fails his or her Ph. The approximate timeframe for approval by Board of Graduate Studies and Chancellor is about two months after your uploaded Nus phd thesis has been verified.

Year 1 and 2: The supervisor and graduate student should agree, as early as possible, on a timeline for completing the necessary coursework, producing required written work, and preparing for other requirements.

The dissertation is finally evaluated by internal and external examiners. At the same, students are expected to develop the intellectual independence necessary to be an effective scholar. The research areas recognized by the department for the purpose of the Comprehensive Exams with prescribed reading lists are: Note that candidates are not allowed to proceed to the Oral Defence of the Thesis Proposal before first passing both parts of the Comprehensive Exams.

Each Departmental PhD coordinator sets the number of required courses for their respective programs i. Credits for relevant coursework taken in another NUS programme or elsewhere may be transferred subject to department approval.

After finishing their coursework, the students appear for a qualifying examination, usually at the end of the second year. Continuation and Graduation Requirements For continuation of Ph. It is also recommended that students should keep a log of their research activities and supervisions; this should include a record of goals and timelines, completed coursework, presentations at seminars, meetings with supervisors, and attendance at conferences and workshops.

They are designed to nurture a passion for inquiry and to provide you with the tools to tackle intellectual challenges with confidence and creativity. Candidates are to bring a copy of the thesis for the oral examination.

Programme Structure and Curriculum PhD Programme Structure A doctorate is awarded for original contribution to a particular field of study. Good language skills and strong analytical skills are essential in the research-based professions. The graduate student taking the ISM will be required to fulfill the classroom requirements of the honors module and any additional requirements congruent with this being a graduate level module to be clearly specified in the ISM contract in agreement with the supervisor.

The contribution can be in the theoretical or methodological domain but should significantly add to an existing body of knowledge. Termination of candidature would result if a student fails to maintain the minimum CAP as stipulated.

The student needs a structure to the study in order to cope with the knowledge explosion that has taken place over the decades. The proposal is an original idea for investigation put forth by the candidate, after an extensive study of the topic. Students take their courses and conduct their research according to their departmental requirements and research orientation.

Overall, NUS has provided a conducive environment for me to develop as a researcher.A Comprehensive Exam, followed by a Ph.D. qualifying examination, ensures that students are making headway.

The research work, which forms the largest single component, culminate in a thesis that will be examined both orally and in writing. The PhD programme at the NUS Business School is designed to meet these demands and prepare the students for a successful career.

Q. How do I find Masters theses or Ph.D dissertations?

The programme consists of a summer paper, an extensive coursework component followed by a qualifying examination, proposal defense and dissertation. Only selected NUS theses and academic exercises received from the academic departments are kept in the NUS Libraries. Older NUS masters & PhD thesis are in print as well, but those submitted after September are accessible via our institutional repository, [email protected]

Some of these collaborations provide opportunities for students to work towards a PhD degree conferred jointly by NUS and an overseas partner university. NUS’ programmes are characterized by intellectual rigour and cutting-edge scholarship.

Welcome to the NUS Business School PhD Programme Website! Here you will find all the necessary information about our PhD Programme. For further enquiries on.

PhD in Philosophy. The department offers the Doctorate in Philosophy, requiring both coursework and the submission of a written thesis.

Admission into the Ph.D. programme requires a good Master’s degree or equivalent in a relevant discipline.

Nus phd thesis
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