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Polyphemus Also known as "the Cyclops," the one-eyed cannibal giant who traps Odysseus and a scouting party in his cave and is blinded when they escape. Poseidon God of the sea and father of Polyphemus, he seeks revenge on Quiz odyssey background for blinding his son.

Aeolus Master of the winds, he helps Odysseus get within viewing distance of Ithaca but later abandons the voyager, concluding that anyone so unlucky must be cursed. The Odyssey deals twice with the ancient theme of the witch who detains the hero on his return by making him live with her.

Argos Trained by Odysseus some twenty years before, the discarded old dog, dying on a dung heap, recognizes his master as Odysseus and Eumaeus approach the palace. Whether your application is business, how-to, education, medicine, school, church, sales, marketing, online training or just for fun, PowerShow.

Eurycleia Faithful old nurse to Odysseus as well as Telemachusshe identifies her master when she recognizes an old scar on his leg. You can choose whether to allow people to download your original PowerPoint presentations and photo slideshows for a fee Quiz odyssey background free or not at all.

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Telemachus Son of Odysseus and Penelope, the prince struggles to gain his own maturity while attempting to deal with the problems of the palace.

You can use PowerShow. Assignment will be posted. While Odysseus dominates the poem, his wife and son play important roles as well. Penelope Wife of Odysseus and mother of their son, Telemachus, she is shrewd and faithful in fending off the suitors.

In The Odyssey, she appears in two quite different forms as Circe and Calypso.

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Integrates Three quotations into the paragraph and comments on the significance of each quotation Concludes the paragraph with a clincher sentence which articulates Book 16s main idea When Finished, Save the assignment and bring a printed copy next class.

The suitors occupy quite a large part of the epic, and their unheroic, impudent behavior is in great contrast with the noble qualities of the heroic ideal. Agamemnon King of Mycenae and commander of the Greek expedition to Troy, he was assassinated by his wife and her lover upon his return home.

Nausicaa Daughter of Alcinous and Queen Arete, she finds Odysseus when he washes ashore on Phaeacia and expresses an attraction toward him. They are a part of the generation that did not fight at Troy, and they have not learned the lessons that war teaches.

Later, Eurycleia and Philoetius are also presented as loyal to the hero. And, best of all, most of its cool features are free and easy to use. Antinous and Eurymachus The two leading suitors, they differ in that Antinous is more physically aggressive while Eurymachus is a smooth talker.

Gods, Monsters, and Supernatural Beings Zeus King of the gods, he is somewhat unpredictable but usually supports wayfaring suppliants, hospitality, and his daughter Athena in her concern for Odysseus.

She need not be malevolent, but she hinders his desire to go home.

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The growth and development of Telemachus from an inexperienced, naive youth to a hero is a minor theme. Circe has a ruthless, cruel side, while Calypso is more gentle and charming, although she keeps Odysseus hidden in Ogygia for eight years.

Odysseus sees him in the Land of the Dead. The descriptions of their transgressions and the necessity of their punishment are a minor theme.Before reading Homer’s The Odyssey, students should be introduced to the concepts of epic poetry and epic heroes, as well as to the author and his preceding work, The Iliad.

An epic poem is a long narrative poem. I saw a couple of these and thought I'd take a crack at them, a few of the answers can be found in my profile, but most of them are purely based on your ability to deduce.

Good luck! EDIT: If you'd like to know the answers, as. Pop Quiz! From what war is Odysseus attempting to return home?

The Peloponnesian War. The Trojan War. with Sparta. Start Quiz.

The Odyssey Quiz

The Odyssey at a Glance Poem Summary About The Odyssey; Character List Summary and Analysis Book 1 Book 2. Free flashcards to help memorize facts about WSHS - English 9 - 1st - Odyssey Background - Long/Tedder.

Other activities to help include hangman, crossword, word scramble, games, matching, quizes, and tests. Odyssey background quiz Due Oct 19, by am; Points 25; Submitting a quiz; Available until Oct 19, at am This assignment was locked Oct 19, at am.

read the questions carefully, and check your spelling on the fill ins. /. In The Odyssey, she appears in two quite different forms as Circe and Calypso.

Circe has a ruthless, cruel side, while Calypso is more gentle and charming, although she keeps Odysseus hidden in .

Quiz odyssey background
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