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Students would make friends with people that have common interests with themselves, rather than people that dress like themselves. Bythe Milford High School dress code had been adjusted to reflect a focus on the expectation of additional schooling or a future career for students after graduation from high school.

Early in his speech, Clinton said, "I challenge all our schools to teach character Research paper dress codes, to teach good values and good citizenship. At the end of the s, less than 1 percent of elementary schools had uniforms.

Whatever the truth of such analyses, it is beyond dispute that dress codes in general, and school uniforms in particular, became a prominent topic within the larger national discussion on education reform that took place in the s and s.

For example, many students at the few public schools which have a dress code are actually for it. Dave Bouronich, 13, a student at a school in the Long Beach District said, "If you dress the way you want, people compete and say you look like a nerd and stuff" Pertman 1.

We ask our students to dress and groom themselves as individuals with a sense of responsibility and self-respect.

Infive years after the school uniform policy was implemented, its correlation with school-based crime was evident: Teachers and administrators in the Long Beach also believe most students perform better academically because of the uniforms, making school more of an academic atmosphere Pertman 2.

The quantitative outcomes of the policy have been remarkable. According to Holdingone school that revised its dress code to prohibit gang colors, Redwood Middle School in Napa Valley, California, saw palpable results.

Critics allege that dress codes and school uniforms violate First Amendment guarantees of freedom of speech and freedom of religion, and they maintain that the results credited to dress codes and school uniforms can be explained better in other ways. Specifically, if it becomes disruptive, offensive, threatening, or provocative to others, is vulgar, displays tobacco or alcohol advertising, profanity, racial slurs, has disruptive images of gang-related symbols as cited in Anderson, n.

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The apparent success of the Long Beach experiment attracted the notice of the Clinton Administration. The point was to ensure that ethnic and racial minorities were uniform with respect to accepted cultural mores: President Bill Clinton is also for the dress code. By the end ofthe school crime rate fell by 36 percent.

Fights also break out in schools because of the way students dress.

They became a symbol of the opportunities that, at least according to some Marxist-inspired critics, were not available to those of the American middle and lower classes Brunsma, Within public school districts, 40 percent had dress codes in place by Tyson, Research Brief Student Dress Codes and Uniforms According to an Education Commission of the States Policy Report, research on the effects of dress code and school uniform policies is inconclusive and mixed.

Some researchers find Dress codes that are ambiguous, inconsistent or “made up on the spot” are most likely to fail a. David Brunsma, a sociologist who wrote Uniforms in Public Schools: A Decade of Research and Debate insays, “Dress codes and school uniforms increase school safety by eliminating gang-related clothing and helping aid in the recognition of nonstudents on campus.

The Dress Code; The Dress Code. July 5, By RachelReads SILVER, Milton, Other. Everyday school dress codes target girls-especially girls that are more developed.

Ina student at. I think that schools should have dress codes because it they can help people Open Document Click the button above to view the complete essay, speech, term paper, or research paper.

This article discusses dress codes and school uniforms in K–12 public schools in the United States. Dress Codes & Uniforms in Public Schools Research Paper Starter Start your hour. Dress Code in Schools Dress Codes in Schools Com Research Writing Some people believe that our schools should require their students to adapt to a dress code to improve student behavior, enhance students’ self-confidence and reduce differences among socioeconomic levels.

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Research paper dress codes
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