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The guidelines are provided. There are of course going to limitations to this approach. No one should live with drug addicts. The first laws against the sales of drugs in the United States were established in While this research will also allow me to assess the general feelings towards drug usage, there will not be a detailed set of finer explanations assessed.

What is so important about the question? By the year at least 24 million kids under the age of 11 had tried drugs.

Crimes related to drugs number so high they cannot be counted. Yet, I do not plan to exclude any of the sections that I have previously detailed. The Facebook survey created on Survey Monkey will be used for national data to compare with the data from the classroom surveys.

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According to the Institute for Social Research at Michigan University in the last three years more teens are using marijuana. The profits are too great for some to ignore the opportunity. Analysis The research question here looks at the manner in which there is a connection between perceptions of people as it relates to their age and their enrollment in college.

It should summarize five sources. People fear that legalization would bring more deaths, overdoses, and impaired judgments, while drug related crimes would continue. Work Completed From November 9th to the 23rd I have spent most of my time working on the surveys required for this research assignment.

Although the frontlines of this battle are predominantly in liberal states, a strongly conservative state, such as Mississippi, may hold the key to understanding how close the federal government is to being forced to change its stance on the legality of marijuana. Before one makes their judgment, one must know the history and current statistics of drugs, why they should be legalized, and why drugs should remain illegal.

Joseph McNamara spent 30 years in the police force hunting down drug criminals and he argues that drugs cannot be stopped. One argument to support that theory comes from the Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse.

We work with experienced PhD. These issues will be the exact age of the individual; the gender of the individual as well as things like political leaning. Once I looked over the site, I decided that I could do two surveys using the same questions.

Although this example is not one of legalization, it still greatly helps. One survey would collect data from my Facebook friends, and the other survey would collect data from my classmates in the form of a paper survey. While the medicinal use of marijuana has already been legalized in many states, the states of Washington and Colorado are pushing the battle between state and federal laws one step further.

Some steps in legalizing have occurred, but the complete legalization of drugs is far, far away. Morphine is another drug which remains legal for medical purposes.

What is the central research question in the study? Although proponents of legalization argue that legalizing will lower crimes opponents argue that it will not help.

Firstly, the questionnaire method may be intimidating for some and truly honest answers may not be gotten. Sample Specifically, there will be a look at individuals from the age of who attend the George Mason University located in Northern Virginia.

This question has been debated for decades.Legalizing Marijuana Research Proposal.

Legalization of Marijuana Sample Research Paper Proposal

Legalize It Lobdell 1 Legalize It Legalizing Marijuana has been a controversial and extremely volatile topic ever since the ’s. Many people hold strong beliefs regarding this topic and the subsequent laws that have been passed in certain states for the use of the recreational drug.

Example Research Proposal for report on the Legalization of Marijuana

Sample Legalization of Marijuana Research Paper Proposal Introduction. The purpose of this study has been from the start a desire to assess the manner in which students are seeing the important issue of drug usage.

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Jun 05,  · Subject: Research report on the legalization of marijuana. This research proposal will contain five sections, introduction, current situation, project plan, qualifications, and costs and benefits.

I need a proposal for an upcoming research paper, that may follow up on here if you do an awesome job! My topic i'm wanting to research is the legalization of marijuana, all the pros/cons of it basically. The guidelines are to have sources for the information you gather!Components of the Proposal (Writing 2) Since this is a.

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Research proposal on the legalization of
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