Short essay on my class teacher

She motivates us to always follow right path in the life even we have to face much difficult situations. We become very clear about the topic she teaches us in the classroom. Many teachers have inspiring personality and students get admired from different teachers due to many different facts.

They prepare them to take on the world which they are a part of. There is no big force that is necessary to kindle the spark inside a student.

She helps me a lot to improve my Hindi language. In their childhood years apart from their mothers, children spend maximum time with their teachers. He removes the ignorance from the mind of student and teaches him knowledge about.

Our Science teacher is my favorite teacher He is very kind to all the students He teaches the lessons every day and keeps tests regularly No one in our class has failed in Science because of his teaching Because of my Science Teacher, Science has become my favorite subject too.

But she is very strict in discipline. He has two brothers and three sisters. She is about 27 years of age. Everyone have affinity for a particular teacher because too due to some reason we respect and adore them a little more than the other.

He has smiling face however very strict in the study. She keeps us happy in the school like her own kids. She never leaves her weak students unclear about what she has taught.

So, you can select any essay on my favourite teacher according to your need and requirement: Teaching is an angelic work. At this stage in their lives children are like clay waiting to be moulded into works of art.

Our school English teacher is my favorite teacher.PPSC SPSC NTS FPSC CSS PMS MCQs Past Papers Jobs Results Syllabus.

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teaches us with love and care. His method of teaching is very good. All the students like him very much.

My Favourite Teacher Essay

He is also our class in charge. He comes to school in time. 2 thoughts on “ Simple and Easy Essay Notes on My Best Teacher My Best Friend My Neighbour ” Reply. Long and Short Essay on My Favourite Teacher in English My Favourite Teacher Essay 1 ( words) My favorite teacher is Rajani mam.

She is my class teacher. Short Essay on an Ideal Teacher Article shared by My perception of an ideal teacher is of a good human being, | kind, compassionate, understanding and forgiving-some f one, who is interesting and fun loving, someone, who loves m us and can make teaching interesting.

Words Essay for kids on my class teacher I am glad that Miss Sarita Verma is my class-teacher. She makes her teaching interesting with the help of charts, maps, or toys.

Sometimes she takes us on a visit to some interesting place.

139 Words Short Essay for Kids on My class Teacher

Short Essay on A Robbery in a Running Train. My Favourite Teacher- Essay for children- By Sormista Pal.

Short Essay on an Ideal Teacher

My favourite teacher is Mrs. Leena George, our mathematics teacher. Mrs. George is a highly experienced maths teacher, she has been teaching mathematics in o Read More.

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Short essay on my class teacher
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