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Oscar Wilde, Victorian Literary Genius

But here we are, about a hundred years after her death, studying and writing about her reign. Through a well structured play, Wilde makes perfectly clear what his personal opinion on the Victorian society. The adjective victorian is still quite often used nowadays and it describes those people who act just like the Victorians: The pun between the words honest, earnest and the name Ernest itself is, of course, intended: Dorian, just like Algy and John, has a double: Wilde gave an example, not only with his works but also with his own life.

Some people nowadays strive to be different in order to escape the conformistic tendency of a society that has common traits with the Victorian one. No one thought that while she ruled Britain, her nation would rise higher than ever before.

Oscar wilde

When Queen Victoria became queen at the age of seventeen, marking the beginning of the Victorian era, no one expected her reign to last as long as it did. The picture of Dorian Gray, whereas not strictly focused on society itself, still gives us something to reflect on.

These three words created a whole new world, a new perspective of it. By criticizing the Victorian idea of family integrity. Both works are perfect examples of the controversy between Victorian values and reality, between what happens when no one is watching or behind closed doors.

The importance of the family, for example, is one of those values that Wilde makes fun of in the aforementioned play. I mean, everyone needs one once in a while. His aim is to tell the crude truth through irony and sarcasm and he succeeds perfectly by having the characters focused on the most trivial and vainest of things, instead of on the most vital and important matters.

Basing the plot of the play on the concept of living a double life, the playwright shows how vain, hypocritical and void of any real moral value society is. A man who spent most of his life in a society he hated and who made his way through it with irony and sarcasm, maintaining the same charm and sense of humour even when people his time were too obtuse to see the truth in his works and in his life.

It can0t go unsaid that Oscar Wilde was victim of the strict Victorian morality: In other words the opposition to the wedding was merely due to the fear of being looked down upon by the other members of society.

Why would someone mock the Victorian society when the government was actually doing its job and Britain was on top of the world? Why would someone like Oscar Wild, an Irish man, write a play to openly make fun of the society he came to be part of?

Dorian and the novelist are quite similar in a way: With The Importance of being Earnest Oscar Wilde opens a whole new perspective on theatre itself and on the society of his time. I think I needed that little ego bust. Oscar Wilde is that man.

Wilde manages to ridiculize at the same time the concepts of love and marriage. At the beginning and throughout the story, John is victimized by the old aunt of his friend, who is strongly opposed to a possible wedding between the young man and her daughter, simply because he has no family and no way to prove that his parents were rich or in a any way high-ranking.

As Dorian, the young hedonist, goes through his life with that light-heartedness that characterises him and marks his soul with all his sins, it is the painting itself that suffers the punishments, while Dorian maintains his ethereal beauty.

But if this double life is their way of escaping society, why are they doing this? Whereas economically and politically speaking, Britain had no visible fault whatsoever, as far as the values that permeated its society, they did quite a lot to fuel the most unconventional and spirited writers, such as Oscar Wilde.

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Essay on Victorian Age. Words 6 Pages. The Year was very significant. It was not only the year that Lord Tennyson and Robert Browning, the dramatic plays of Oscar Wilde, the scientific discoveries of the Darwins, The Life of Women in the Victorian Age Essay Words | 5 Pages.

Mar 31,  · Essay 1: Oscar Wilde and the Victorian Society by flakybohemianhippie This is something that I had to write for an English test and my teacher was truly impressed and it made me proud, which is kind of weird because I’m never fully proud of anything that I write. - In the Victorian era where vanity was the main attraction, Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray gave insight into the true horrors that came of this sinful nature.

Wilde was a very controversial figure and he meant to stir the pot when he wrote this disputed story. Oscar Wilde Oscar Wilde was an Irish writer that lived during the Victorian era. His writing was very diverse, ranging from novels, plays, and poetry to children’s stories.

His writing was very diverse, ranging from novels, plays, and poetry to children’s stories. Oscar Wilde’s masterpiece ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ opened in the West End of London in February during an era when many of the religious, social, political, and economic structures were experiencing change — The Victorian Age.

Victorian ageoscar wilde essay
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