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This commonly includes genital re-assignment surgery, cross-sex hormone therapy, voice and communication training, and social care. However, Davies, Papp and Antoni reference the ability of actors to use different accents and dialects, and people to learn different languages as a sign that training a bigender voice may be a viable treatment goal.

Voice therapy (transgender)

Practising without such guidance can cause irritation to your vocal chords and lead to nodules or oedema. The length of the vocal tract affects the resonance of the vocal tract, which in turns affects the pitch. Transgender women can use techniques, such as retracting the lips, to shorten the vocal tract and sound more feminine.

When the vocal fold tissue is in the process of healing and scarring, the vocal folds decrease in mass and increase in stiffness. Many seek help to reduce this. In children, the presence of voice disorders and dysphonia is quite common, although the reported prevalence varies significantly depending on the type of data collection and the location from which it was drawn.

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Currently, there is no consensus regarding speech therapy for adolescents. Voice masculinization is the use of the same procedures and techniques to acquire a male-sounding voice. Cricothyroid approximation CTA The most common procedure [7] This surgery tenses and elongates the vocal folds in order to increase vocal pitch.

Male-to-female voice transition before and after. Nevertheless, research has shown that MtF voice therapy both before and after voice feminization surgery is very important in order to obtain the best results.

Direct treatment methods are used to facilitate the use of normal voice behaviours in children with dysphonia. We would like to point out, however, that the professional guidance of a speech therapist during your MtF voice feminization process is very important.

However, surgical procedures are being refined. SOVT techniques have the individual prolong their voice at a higher pitch, which may help make voice production at a higher, non-habitual pitch easier and more efficient.

Our speech therapist Katrien Eerdekens can help you with this. Rather than straining to achieve a lower speaking pitch, the client should seek to maintain a comfortable pitch range.

Female-to-male men are fortunate in that their gender transition involves cross-sex hormone testosterone therapy that normally results in considerable masculinisation of the voice through increasing the size of the vocal cords and consequently lowering the pitch.

The practice is not painful, but can be tiring. Voice feminization[ edit ] Voice feminization refers to the voice change from male to female.

The fatigue is mainly mental — the person has to consciously control their voice whenever they talk, especially early in the training process. Resting the voice after long periods of use is also important. This mimics cricothyroid muscle contraction that tenses and elongates the vocal folds which causes the pitch to increase.

Progression moves from using the target pitch in a sustained vowel to using it in a minute conversation.For transgender men and women, However, voice therapy—conducted at home or through a professional—can lead to a more cis-comparable speaking voice.

Voice therapy in transgender individuals.

Voice therapy

Non-surgical techniques undertaken by trans women and trans men as a part of gender transition to make the perceived gender of their voices match their gender. Voice feminization is the desired outcome of. About Transgender Voice Therapy. Home; About Transgender Voice Therapy; CASSI ALTER, MA-CCC Founder and owner.

About Transgender Voice Therapy

Cassi Alter has many years of clinical experience as Speech Language Pathologist. Graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of California, Berkeley, and obtaining her Masters Degree in Speech Pathology from. Transgender Voice Therapy - Male to female (MtF) transgender people often feel as though they can be perceived as a woman until they begin to speak (Hancock, Krissinger, & Owen, ).

As a result, this population is becoming more represented on speech-language pathologists’ (SLPs) caseloads in an effort to feminize their voice and. Voice therapy or voice training refers to any non-surgical technique used to improve or modify the human voice.

Because voice is a gender cue. Offering Transgender Voice Therapy services. Whether you are transitioning from male-to-female or female-to-male we can help you find your true voice.

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