Why did the british colonised australia essay

The British colonies were often subdivided into provinces headed by provincial commissioners or residents, and then into districts headed by district officers or district commissioners. The Industrial Revolution which took place in Europe in 17th century gave rise to the need for raw materials.

The military colony in New South Wales had secondary purposes, one of which was to establish supplies of masts and flax for sails for the British navy, as the usual sources from the Baltic were liable to disruption.

This meant that these colonies could only sell their products to England. A naval post would help keep the French and the Dutch away. Sentences were usually seven or fourteen years. Yahoo AnswersWhy was Australia colonised by Britain?

Whereas Britain recognised the rights of the Maori people, and saw the need to establish a treaty with them before they colonised the country, they did not recognise the rights of the Australian Aborigines, and settled the country regardless.

Why did the British want to colonize the southern coast of Australia was colonised by British prisoners. From this perspective Australia was terra nullius, legal and available for the British to colonize.

Britain needed a port in the East to promote trade with China and to extend its naval and commercial power. The way of life of the colonists was British in all but name, and they also became annoyingly good at playing cricket! It led to the appearance of nationalism. The British also introduced venereal diseases when they took theaboriginal women for their own use.

To govern territories with large native populations, the British developed a system called the crown colony system. When the aboriginal children were forcibly taken from their families, this directly led to a loss of culture, language, customs and traditions among the Aborigines.

It would be somewhat understandable if Captain James Cook, one of the discoverers of Australia, had made brief contact with Australia, seen what many Europeans of the time felt was inhabitable land, and declared terra nullius.

Banks reported favourably on Botany Bay, just to the south of Sydney Cove. The continent had natural resources which England wanted.

The natives were hunter-gatherers who had made no attempt to cultivate the land or build settled communities, so there was no infrastructure to take over or imitate.

After the conquest of African decentralized and centralized states, the European powers set about establishing colonial state systems. However, since France would not provide the educational system to train all its colonized subjects to speak French and would not establish administrative and social systems to employ all its subjects, assimilation was more an imperialist political and ideological posture than a serious political objective.

A colony at South Australia was formed inalso without convict labor. St Australia-Colonized or Invaded by the British? It did not take long before Australia became a place of voluntary emigration for people who wanted to make a fresh start, with more thancolonists arriving from the United Kingdom between and However, the British government still needed to control India because of its relationship with the East India Company.

The second reason was to do with economics. The Founding of Australia.

Great Britain

But the war dragged on and, inthe House of Commons set up a committee to decide where Britain should send its convicts. This system operated in alliance with preexisting political leaderships and institutions.

Unfair Methods But their methods were always unfair. Thousands of innocent people were killed many times. It was these political, diplomatic, and commercial factors and contentions that led to the military conflicts and organized African resistance to European imperialism.

Back to top Bibliography Ekechi, Felix. Thousands of Aboriginesdied when epidemics of these diseases swept through their camps. The British did settle the country of Australia in the eyes of westerners, as they began to utilize precious resources that prior to their arrival had barely been tapped.

To make an impressive and strong political nation they wanted more and more land.

British colonists reach New Zealand

Here, systematic colonisation was based on the plan of Edward Wakefield. As history shows, this was not the case. Cook had noted suitable trees at Norfolk Island and flax in New Zealand. But as the length of some resistance struggles amply demonstrates, Africans put up the best resistance with the resources they had.

It was a product of the European Age of Discovery in the late 15th century. England thought the war in America would soon be over and transportation would be resumed. The British colonisation led many local intellectuals to rise up to liberalise their country.

Painting by Algernon Talmage Somewhere to Send British Criminals This function had previously been taken by the American colonies, particularly those of Georgia and the Carolinas, although Newfoundland was also used for this purpose.Why did the British settle in Australia?

Topics: New South Wales, Australia, James Cook Pages: 1 In this essay, I would like to discuss on why the British wanted to have a trading settlement in Singapore.

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He claimed the coastline for the British crown, but it was another 18 years before any attempt was made to site a colony there. He thought that the southern coastline was reminiscent of South Wales, and “New South Wales” it has been Reviews: Why did Britain colonize Australia?

Update Cancel. ad by Zoho. Why was Australia colonised by Britain? Probably because the Dutch demonstrably didn’t want it, and by the time the French began to show interest, Britain suddenly felt a “need” to make haste.

How and why did British colonize America? How was Britain invaded? What does. European discovery and the colonisation - billsimas.com British Colonisation of Australia in Causes Effects Social Political Economical Political Social Economic As the British settled inland, the Aborigines began to lose everything; hunting ground, watering holes, etc.

Aborigines suffered from the effects of alchohol and many were injured or killed. The Colonization of Africa In the decentralized societies, the system of indirect rule worked less well, as they did not have single rulers. The British colonizers, unfamiliar with these novel and unique political systems and insisting that African "natives" must have chiefs, often appointed licensed leaders called warrant chiefs, as in.

Why did the british colonised australia essay
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